Successfully working with the Chinese lies in the approach. Our extensive experience in successfully matching UK requirements with Chinese production means our clients benefit from a fast track route to high quality manufacturing.

Investing time into understanding more about the working culture and forming strong relationships is the key to finding the right supplier: gaining this insight on your own can take time.

Visiting factories in China involves an experience very different to that in the UK. The involved protocol can be daunting and require setting aside considerable time; the Chinese place great emphasis on entertaining new business contacts and clients.

Some of our clients therefore nominate us to act on their behalf when identifying a supplier; however most prefer to be involved in this critical part of the process – during which we’ll coordinate travel arrangements for factory visits and provide full translation support, to communicate the mutual requirements of both parties.

We’ll also be there to evaluate suppliers – and provide true interpretation for information provided, to help UK businesses choose the right manufacturing partner. Following more than 20 years of experience, we are able to work efficiently, to inform decision making with key considerations.

Our market knowledge and reach make us efficient operators in quickly narrowing suitable Chinese manufacturing options – and identifying the best match for each product or component specification.

When it comes to negotiating and ensuring consistency of quality, it’s here too that our expertise and understanding of relationship building produces results for our clients.

We’re effective communicators – in Chinese and English – with our skills extending beyond simple translation. Bridging these two different working cultures and meeting the objectives of both is where we excel, to ensure the continued supply of high quality manufacturing for products and components.

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