Have you been dealing with China and it’s not gone to plan?

Do you feel vulnerable to cheap imports, or that you might lose market share whilst you get going…?

Are you unable to scale your business because of production costs?


Do you need help with Outsourcing Production to China with minimal risk?

With over 20 years of helping companies from the UK successfully outsource production to China we love helping small companies grow their businesses with trusted suppliers.


You need an easy accessible way of outsourcing production to China. You deserve to enjoy the benefits of an overseas supply chain despite your size and we enjoy guiding businesses through the process.

With over 2,500 unique products developed to date; we have 25 years of experience of prototype, to manufacture, to end shipping of bespoke products.


More than 2,500 parts developed for UK companies since 1995

We offer a service which is designed to support smaller UK companies that do not have the resource or local knowledge of how to manage suppliers in China. We’ve helped our customers develop over 2,500 products during our 25 years of operation.

We offer you a free and no-obligation Product Assessment – this allows us some time to determine if we think we can help companies to achieve their objectives, and propose a method to achieve it.

Our commitments

✓ No Hidden Upfront Costs

✓ Full Supply Chain Transparency

✓ Ethical – No Dialogue With Factories That Disregard Workers Rights

✓ Proactive Communication With All Parties

✓ Be Your ‘Eyes and Ears’ On The Ground

✓ Provide Long Term Support


Our service is open to established companies and ambitious entrepreneurs, and we are happy to have a conversation in principal before signing an NDA and getting into greater detail.

Our service has allowed our customers to increase their profit – why not contact us for an informal chat, and we’ll outline the benefits your business can gain from our services.


CNC Machining and Plastic Injection Services


Support for you

Our methods are focused on supporting both the customer and manufacturer with our full support to ensure that there is a complete understanding on expectations and technical requirements, and ensuring that any potential partner can demonstrate that they are already working to an equivalent standard for other customers.


Helping you find the right supplier

With numerous supply options out of China, our expertise enables low risk factory partnerships to be established which in turn provides long term supply chain security and minimal risk trade.

Unlike many other operators, we believe in full supply chain transparency. We openly tell you all about which companies are involved in the manufacturing of your products, and we welcome you to visit them and conduct your own assessment and audits.

Our Services

Market & Factory Research

Find potential Chinese suppliers that can meet your standards for quality and have the capacity to follow your manufacturing requirements. One Point Two (China) Limited also looks at the bigger picture and assesses the feasibility of your outsourcing to China needs in light of China’s current market trends. We offer you these services—free!

Partner Identification

After our initial market research and factory audit, we will help narrow down your options so you can decide on a company that meets all your partnership requirements. Our team will accompany you to China, with our Shanghai office facilitating the trip. Count on it being a productive trip, after which you can choose a supplier with confidence.

Contract Negotiation & Liaison

Ensure that you arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement with your Chinese supplier before you sign on the dotted line. One Point Two (China) Limited has over two decades of experience in communicating our clients’ goals to their Chinese partners. We negotiate for terms that meet our clients’ and their suppliers’ objectives so they could foster a long-lasting business relationship.

Outsourced Product Development Services

Receive regular updates on your supplier’s progress. From product sample development to design approval to mass production, you can count on timely reports from One Point Two (China) Limited. Geographic distance is not an issue: our headquarters in Shanghai can facilitate regular dialogue with your Chinese partners so you can communicate without having to leave the UK.

Product Inspection & Quality Control

Make your manufacturing requirements known to your Chinese manufacturer and supplier by working with One Point Two (China) Limited. We communicate your expectations to your partners and conduct quality checks on key manufacturing stages. We can also perform a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) check to verify that your technical specifications are met.

Supplier Relationship Management (Long-Term)

Enjoy the benefits of long-term supplier relationship management partnerships managed by One Point Two (China) Limited, as well as our unfailing customer support services. We help you maintain a positive relationship with your Chinese suppliers by facilitating communications and managing orders and logistics. We also organise your travel details, from securing visa invitations to having a translator present during your factory visit.

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