Thinking about buying from China, but not sure where to start?

Need support to make the right decisions for your long term future?

Want to know exactly who you are working with, and have full access to the factories?


Outsourcing Questions

We understand that outsourcing raises many questions and challenges, and there are many different approaches and outcomes to looking at this in China. Our services are designed around the customer’s needs, and provide Directors with clear information as to whether this is the right or wrong direction.

Our approach is to gain a full understanding of your ‘wish list’ and then conduct market research from our office in Shanghai to try and find your ideal business parter – not a business partner. China has a vast number of manufacturing options, and the challenge is in finding a relationship that can develop over the years and provide the long term supply side stability to grow your business.


We offer our customers:

Customer Assessment

To establish exactly what you are after.


Market Research

To provide directors with a clear understanding of supply options.


Commitment Free

Only proceed if you are happy with the options provided


Supply Chain Transparency

A clear understanding of the companies you are buying from


Management Support

Full long term support from an experienced Chinese/UK team


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Help! It’s all going wrong.

Do you feel as if you have no idea what’s going on and your business is suffering?

Are you finding that communication from your suppliers are poor and you can’t get any response?

There are many different ways to gain access to manufacturers in China, but understanding which company you are dealing with is not as straight forward as it seems. Many companies claiming to be manufacturers are not, and without clear knowledge of who you are dealing with – the problems can happen very quickly.

The problems can start to compound themselves after investment has been made in production assets such as tooling and gauging – do you own them, does the factory or is there a third party involved you are unaware of?

Dealing direct comes with the ‘carrot’ of better prices, but do you have the knowledge, experience and resource to make a relationship work?

Whilst we cannot make any claims to be able to resolve the problems that you have, we are happy to devote some time to trying to understand the root cause of the problem and provide you with an overview of it, as well as providing you with a proposal on how our approach might resolve the issues for you.

We understand that time (and money) will be involved, and manufacturing solutions will take time to implement – it costs nothing to talk, so why not start by calling us on 01225 460 388 or contact us at

Our Services

Market & Factory Research

Find potential Chinese suppliers that can meet your standards for quality and have the capacity to follow your manufacturing requirements. One Point Two (China) Limited also looks at the bigger picture and assesses the feasibility of your outsourcing to China needs in light of China’s current market trends. We offer you these services—free!

Partner Identification

After our initial market research and factory audit, we will help narrow down your options so you can decide on a company that meets all your partnership requirements. Our team will accompany you to China, with our Shanghai office facilitating the trip. Count on it being a productive trip, after which you can choose a supplier with confidence.

Contract Negotiation & Liaison

Ensure that you arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement with your Chinese supplier before you sign on the dotted line. One Point Two (China) Limited has over two decades of experience in communicating our clients’ goals to their Chinese partners. We negotiate for terms that meet our clients’ and their suppliers’ objectives so they could foster a long-lasting business relationship.

Outsourced Product Development Services

Receive regular updates on your supplier’s progress. From product sample development to design approval to mass production, you can count on timely reports from One Point Two (China) Limited. Geographic distance is not an issue: our headquarters in Shanghai can facilitate regular dialogue with your Chinese partners so you can communicate without having to leave the UK.

Product Inspection, Quality Control and Reporting

Make your manufacturing requirements known to your Chinese manufacturer and supplier by working with One Point Two (China) Limited. We communicate your expectations to your partners and conduct quality checks on key manufacturing stages. We can also perform a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) check to verify that your technical specifications are met.

Supply Chain Management

Enjoy the benefits of long-term supplier relationship management partnerships managed by One Point Two (China) Limited, as well as our unfailing customer support services. We help you maintain a positive relationship with your Chinese suppliers by facilitating communications and managing orders and logistics. We also organise your travel details, from securing visa invitations to having a translator present during your factory visit.

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