Helping British Companies Outsource Production to China

We’ll connect you with the suppliers who will help your business grow

We have over 20 years of helping companies from the UK successfully outsource production to China.

Our knowledge and understanding of manufacturing and the Chinese market allows our customers to approach the challenging decision of outsourcing with confidence. We’ll provide you with the support to make the right strategic decisions.

More than 2,500 parts developed for UK companies since 1995

Outsource your production to Chinese companies that have the technology and infrastructure to deliver bespoke products created according to your manufacturing needs. With this strategy, you can enjoy high-cost savings and reduce the risks to your coffers and workers.

China, the world’s most competitive manufacturing nation (Deloitte’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Ranking)

At present, China is the most dominant market in the Asia Pacific and offers a cost-competitive manufacturing advantage over other global players, including the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Through production outsourcing, you can take advantage of affordable manufacturing and mass production capabilities to achieve long-term business goals:

✓ Reduce cost and risks

✓ Increase your service and product offerings Increase your net profit margins

✓ Increase your net profit margins

✓ Increase production efficiency

✓ Invite innovation

All these are attainable when you have an outsourcing company with Chinese-speaking agents and whose expertise in managing British-Chinese business partnerships is beyond compare.

Get outsourcing right with One Point Two (China) Limited.

Why Choose Us?

We have successfully partnered our customers with Chinese suppliers, to enable the supply of over 2,500 products, and tens of millions of parts – and increasing profits. We establish the cost benefits in advance of any commitments. With our services, you can reduce not only costs but also the risks that come with in-house production.

We help you find suppliers from China

Our service is totally independent, and we approach each opportunity with fresh eyes. With your business profile as our guide, we focus on locating manufacturing partners that meet your production needs and your customers’ expectations. Furthermore, we operate a no obligation policy if we are unable to find the right solution.

You can expect us to:

Whether you are wanting to develop a new product or outsource existing production to China, we are happy to discuss our methods to achieve your goals.

We always begin with a dialogue with you about your purchasing agents. We study your business and understand your wants and needs. As a gesture of good faith, we conduct initial factory research without holding you to a purchase obligation. If we determine that we can find suitable solutions for you—potential suppliers or manufacturers in China that can custom-produce the materials you need—we then leave the ball in your court.

Will you grab the chance to outsource overseas, manage your production costs, and reap substantial returns in the long run? If you say yes, we will get to work at once. From contract negotiation to long-term partnership management, One Point Two (China) Limited will have you covered.

Our service has allowed our customers to increase their profit – why not contact us for an informal chat, and we’ll outline the benefits your business can gain from our services.

Our Services

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Product Inspection

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