We’ll connect you with the suppliers who will help your business grow

We have over 20 years of helping British companies successfully outsource production to China.

Our knowledge and understanding of manufacturing and the Chinese market allows our customers to approach the challenging decision of outsourcing with confidence. We’ll provide you with the support to make the right strategic decisions.

We have successfully partnered our customers with Chinese suppliers, to enable the supply of over 2,500 products, and tens of millions of parts – and increasing profits.

Our service is totally independent, and we approach each opportunity with fresh eyes, and focus on locating manufacturing partners that meet the requirements of our customers.

We can focus on establishing the cost benefits in advance of any commitments, and we operate a no obligation policy if we are unable to find the right solution.

You can expect us to:

Whether you are wanting to develop a new product or outsource existing production to China, we are happy to discuss our methods to achieve your goals.

Our service has allowed our customers to increase their profit – why not contact us for an informal chat, to see if your business could also benefit.

Our Services

China Factory Research

We offer free market research with no obligation To establish whether your requirements can be met, our team will always take the time to...Learn More

Partner Identification

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We enable mutually beneficial terms for successful partnerships Our clients benefit from our effective communication and years of...Learn More

Product Development

T&Cs confirmed? Let the process begin! We offer a systematic product development programme to keep our customers updated every step of...Learn More

Product Inspection

We’ll fully manage your product inspection Working with us will see your business benefit from the right level of checks and quality...Learn More

Long Term Management

We’ll manage the supply chain You enjoy the benefits. Manufacturing will always present challenges – therefore a crucial part of...Learn More

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