Our highly qualified team remove the worry from developing products overseas.

From the moment we receive your design specification to the final delivery, we ensure the best possible results.

Partner Search

We conduct independent market research to find your ideal manufacturing partner. We provide customers with full supply chain transparency to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the options located. We work with our customers to develop a short list of suitable suppliers and then visit and audit on your behalf. We understand the importance of making the right decision for the long term benefit and profitability of your company.


Product Development

We support both customers and manufacturers with all areas of product development. We keep you fully up-to-date during every step of the way. We visit suppliers to check the progress of your products first-hand. We help pre-agree all aspects of sample reporting to ensure that ISIRs (Initial Sample Inspection Reports) are in agreed formats. We ensure payments are safely received by the factory helping to keep your mind at ease and remove risks whilst addressing any issues.


Supply Chain Management

We deal with all aspects of communication with suppliers over the long term. With our dedicated UK and Chinese team, we have been able to ensure continuity of supply and avoid unintended cultural and linguistic communication issues. We support you by advising on the best solutions in a world of constant change. A strong solution-focused team at OnePointTwo allow business owners to focus on growth.


Strategic Assessment


Partner Identification

Quality System

Product Development

Supply Management


Why Us?

We’ve been supporting our customers and suppliers for over 26 years and have developed more than 2,500 products with a sales value of over £100,000,000. Our philosophy is to create long-term symbiotic relationships for mutual benefit and provide support in an open and transparent way. Change is the ever constant in business and our support will adapt to the situations you face. We support like-minded ambitious business owners by providing a bolt-on ‘China Office’ for your business.

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We’ve made over 2,500 unique products for our customers since we started.

ISO 9001

Many of the factories have the certificates which correspond to those needed for validation in the UK.


Our team has over 26 years of dealing with supply chain management and production in China. With a team both in the UK and Shanghai.