We support our customers in every aspect of buying from China – from locating partners,
negotiating through to long term supply.

We offer our customers a comprehensive outsourcing service that focuses on achieving cost
reduction, whilst minimizing the risk, all backed up with long term UK service. Our service is
tailored to the individual needs of the customer and working with manufacturing partners that
are able to offer the long term supply of high quality products.

During these times where international travel is a challenge, we are able to act for our
customers and provide comprehensive information on supply partners, and help guide
decision making. We are able to develop and deliver products to you without the need to

We offer a free, confidential and no obligation Market Assessment of your product to
determine if there are advantages to exploring this option.

Market & Factory Research

With such a diverse range of business activities and products, we cannot and do not operate a one...

Partner Identification

The Partner Identification part of the process will lead to making financial commitments, and is...

Contract Negotiation & Liaison

Sign contracts with confidence, knowing that our team went over them with a fine-toothed comb. We...

Outsourced Product Development Services

Armed with sufficient information to start developing your product. It is vital we are 100% clear...

Product Inspection & Quality Control

Product Inspection & Quality Control is of the greatest concern to the majority of customers,...

Supplier Relationship Management (Long-Term)

Offload the task of managing your supply chain to our seasoned Chinese agents. We’ve been...