About Us

Our multinational management team regularly meet to discuss key trends, new opportunities, products and suppliers and to ensure the highest standards of service, product quality and cost control in everything we do for our clients around the world.



As with all the best things in life, it was a chance meeting in 1997 at hotel in Xining that led Forest and Alex into a long term friendship and business partnership. They were both interested in international business and the challenge was finding something that they could work on together. They found that there was a distinct lack of understanding between UK buyers and Chinese sellers, particularly for smaller buyers.

Alex & Forest developed a system focused on supply chain transparency and worked on trying to create symbiotic relationships between buyers and sellers – ultimately leading to long-term clients and their business success. Whilst services have developed over time, the underlying philosophy remains the same and has lead to long term trust, corporation and benefit for our customers.

"...concise and clear communication, always deliver a product that meets or exceeds our quality requirements and an on time delivery schedule."

D.F. –  Manufacturing Manager

"1.2 were crucial in assisting us during our company startup, quickly identifying suitable manufacturers a variety of specialised components"

A.M – Technical Director – Drilling Equipment

"1.2 are an invaluable support for our business in China, from researching and locating potential suppliers to the day to day support they provide with project management, reporting regularly from our suppliers on the progress of our tooling, to the support they provide with export and shipping either by Sea or Air."

Business Development Manager

Our Mission

Our mission is to help ambitious company owners to unlock their company’s potential by connecting and enabling business partnerships in China.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer the most comprehensive resource for small business owners interested in doing business in China.