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The Real Story: China Versus Vietnam

Will Vietnam Replace China? Whilst large western corporations are currently reviewing their reliance on China based on geopolitical tensions. Vietnam would seem to offer an alternative for companies wishing to purchase abroad. Vietnam’s Import & Export Vietnam’s Import & Export increased from US$36.5 billion in 2002 to US$668.5 billion in 2021, a growth rate of […]

Supply Chains and Inflationary Pressure

Supply Chains and Inflationary Pressure Whilst the world is getting madder by the day, and the newspapers report impending doom and the end of China as the ‘Global Workshop’ – we are quietly supporting our customers and shipping to them several times a week. Our supply partners are working harder than ever to come up […]

Lockdowns Risk Stalling Supply Chains

Despite authorities in Shanghai talking to major manufacturers and granting special concessions, this is not available to SME’s and the impacts are wide ranging and add to over two years of global supply chain challenges. Meaning that lockdowns risk stalling supply chains. Lockdowns Risk Stalling Supply Chains: Whilst Shanghai is getting the headlines on lockdown, […]

10 Strategies for Avoiding Chinese New Year Disruption 

10 Strategies for Avoiding Chinese New Year Disruption •   Spring festival or Chinese New Year is the most prominent time of the year for Chinese festivities. Consequently it’s a time when Chinese and global supply chains are disrupted and there is a need for strategies for avoiding Chinese New Year disruption in manufacturing. Despite being […]

Product Sourcing China – Shipping

Shipping from China For Buyers – Easy 1 Minute Read. Product Sourcing China – Shipping In this blog we quickly look at the basic details you need to understand about shipping from China.   1. INCOTERMS The import and export world runs on INCOTERMS – an acronym standing for international commercial terms, and sets out […]

9 Ways to Drive Down Costs in Your Supply Chain During Rising Fuel and Labour Costs

Manage and Drive Down Costs in My Supply Chain  Rising fuel, Labour costs, and commodity prices can drive up costs for organisations that eventually get passed on to the end customer. Understanding and controlling the costs comes with its challenges to help manage and drive down costs in my supply chain. 1. Accurately Control Budgets […]