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Spring Festival 2023 – The year of the Rabbit

The sign of the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, & prosperity in Chinese culture. As we fast approach Spring Festival, we’re just reminding our customers and contacts that Chinese New Year falls on 22nd January 2023. The majority of our suppliers are already in the process of scaling back their output as they […]

Food For Christmas

We wish all of our customers, suppliers and employees a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your continued support. We’ve made a donation to #fairfrome to support their local #foodbank operation for those in need.

The Benefits of ‘Face’

In this article we look at ‘Face’ and explore what it is and why it is important for owner directors to be aware of it if they wish to be successful in China. Sometimes it’s hard to adapt our work behaviours, but getting cultural communication wrong can undermine lots of hard work in the first […]

How to Negotiate with Chinese Suppliers for Small Businesses

How to Negotiate with Chinese Suppliers for Small Businesses: There are many aspects of international business that have suffered over the last couple of years, and effective negotiation in China is certainly one of these factors. The basis of effective negotiation in China is to ‘make friends first, and do business later’ – something that […]

7 Proven Steps in Finding Trusted Suppliers in China in 2022

7 Proven Steps in Finding Trusted Suppliers in China in 2022 Supplier or Liar? UK Small Business Guide We live in strange times – massive government intervention globally for the last two years has had a huge impact on small businesses, with rampant UK inflation the latest challenge to deal with, combined with a country […]

The Real Story: China Versus Vietnam

Will Vietnam Replace China? Whilst large western corporations are currently reviewing their reliance on China based on geopolitical tensions. Vietnam would seem to offer an alternative for companies wishing to purchase abroad. Vietnam’s Import & Export Vietnam’s Import & Export increased from US$36.5 billion in 2002 to US$668.5 billion in 2021, a growth rate of […]