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7 Proven Steps in Finding Trusted Suppliers in China in 2022

7 Proven Steps in Finding Trusted Suppliers in China in 2022 Supplier or Liar? UK Small Business Guide We live in strange times – massive government intervention globally for the last two years has had a huge impact on small businesses, with rampant UK inflation the latest challenge to deal with, combined with a country […]

10 Strategies for Avoiding Chinese New Year Disruption 

10 Strategies for Avoiding Chinese New Year Disruption •   Spring festival or Chinese New Year is the most prominent time of the year for Chinese festivities. Consequently it’s a time when Chinese and global supply chains are disrupted and there is a need for strategies for avoiding Chinese New Year disruption in manufacturing. Despite being […]

Product Sourcing China – Shipping

Shipping from China For Buyers – Easy 1 Minute Read. Product Sourcing China – Shipping In this blog we quickly look at the basic details you need to understand about shipping from China.   1. INCOTERMS The import and export world runs on INCOTERMS – an acronym standing for international commercial terms, and sets out […]

6 Things To Pay Attention To – Manufacturing in China – Sourcing Agency

Manufacture a Product in China 6 things to pay attention to – Working with Chinese Companies In the past two decades China has been the focus of the world’s business. As we move into a some uncertainty in future production many companies are seeking to improve business relationships in the East and streamline their costs […]

Post Covid – 3 Questions People Forget to Ask – Chinese Sourcing Agency

3 Questions People Forget to Ask – Product Purchasing in China! The impact of Coronavirus has been devastating for some companies with the toxic impact of high costs and a business environment. Difficult times indeed, but business has no choice but to move forward and find a way to survive. With this in mind it’s […]

4 Factors in Cost Reduction in Product Purchasing during Covid

Cost Reduction in China during Covid As buyers return to their offices, their first task will inevitably be cost savings. We look at four factors to provide short & long term success and avoid mistakes in purchasing.   1. Outsourcing Cost Reduction in China Where is your product made – where are your competitors products […]