With such a diverse range of business activities and products, we cannot and do not operate a one size fits all policy. We are happy to work with both start up and established companies, and each brings a different aspirations and will require a different approach and solution.

As such, our first focus (post signing an NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement) is to gain a full understanding about why companies are interested in looking at China, what they hope to achieve and any specifics relating to the production of the products.

We will then ask for 7-30 days to conduct a Market Assessment to determine whether we can assist or not. We will conduct this work free of charge and allows us to gain some insight into your specific market, and determine if we can find options that fit your brief. This phase will be desk based research.

During this period we will work actively with potential customers, and answer any questions that arise, and are happy to answer any questions linked to international business. We will sign an NDA on your behalf with any company we need to share information with, and will aim to conduct this phase without any company knowing your identity (not always possible).

If we cannot support your objectives – we might think we are unsuitable to the specific market or lack suitable resource, we will decline to progress further – no costs, no obligation – good luck.

In the majority of cases, China’s vast production base will deliver multiple results, and the challenge changes from ‘can the objectives be achieved’ to which is the most suitable partner to work with – bringing us to Factory Research.

We will only move this phase by mutual consent, and this will include agreeing to our T&Cs (available on request), which allow us to share specifics on factories that we have located.
This phase is also be desk research based, but will include greater dialogue with both potential partners and customer.

We will be guided by many factors in assessing a factory, and can perform our own or provided virtual audits, but a key part of this process is trying to understand the character and integrity of the ownership, management and workforce. There are many ‘shiny new factories’ in China, but having all the best technology is only one of many factors to consider when assessing a long term relationship.

We are able to visit potential suppliers on your behalf and conduct an audit – these would be charged at cost only, and we will absorb the time cost.

Our objective of this stage is to determine if we have sufficient options to move forward.

For a free no obligation discussion, please call 01225 460 388