We conduct market research at no obligation to you. Before we can find potential suppliers, we must first find out if the Chinese markets can meet your requirements. One Point Two (China) Limited makes time for factory research to confirm if outsourcing would be a cost-effective solution for your manufacturing needs.

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Our preliminary research will provide you with reports on potential suppliers and factories in China. Long-distance B2B partnerships need a solid foundation based on integrity and accurate information. One Point Two (China) Limited provides a strong starting point for small companies in the UK that are gearing up for expansion but don’t have the resources or contacts yet to conduct thorough Chinese market research.

Comprehensive Preliminary Fact-Finding

Outsourcing the manufacturing arm of your company can pay off as savings on labour and overhead costs. This can only come into fruition, however, if the components you need are readily available at prices that give you a wide profit margin.

Here is where our market research comes into play. After studying the nature of your business, we find out if your needs are currently available in the Chinese markets. More importantly, we determine a list of possible suppliers that can fulfil your manufacturing requirements.

Get useful insights from our obligation-free market research:


Quality compatibility and price benchmarking are part and parcel of our research services. We’ll discuss all of the above with you, without any obligation. If there looks to be a good supplier match and you wish to proceed, the next step is to visit Chinese factories and meet potential suppliers – for which we can arrange trip itineraries, should you wish.

The Lead-Up to Partner Identification

Our services usually lead to site visits in China. In the interest of efficiency, we cover crucial factory audits as early as our research phase.

✓ Company verification – Rather than take information that’s published online at face value, we get in touch with prospective suppliers’ representatives to verify the existence of their operations, products and export license.

✓ Competency verification – We review the manufacturing and assembly processes of potential suppliers. One Point Two (China) Limited also assesses their production capabilities, from the number of workers to their manufacturing timetables.

✓ Factory verification – Our factory audits cover the essentials from the type of equipment present down to safety protocols for both products and workers. B2B partnerships thrive when all parties share the same ethics and goals. By verifying a prospect’s competency and compatibility with your company, we’re paving the way for you to have a rewarding, long-term partnership.

✓ Product verification – We make sure you will get the products you need at the quality you expect. We check the candidates’ good faith in meeting your quality standards, from early production through to boxing and container loading.

Laying the Foundations of Beneficial Partnerships

You should only enter into a partnership with a Chinese supplier that earns your confidence and trust. Let our market and factory research guide your decision.

Should you then decide to work with us, our support and services will include:

Finding a reliable and affordable supplier in China begins with accurate and comprehensive research. We’ll have this stage covered—for free. Consult with One Point Two (China) Limited today.