Many people get frustrated because they’ve been communicating with suppliers in China for months, but fail to move forward.

The reason, most likely, is that they did not find the suitable one at the beginning.

So how do you begin your search for a trusted factory?

How do you check if a company is legitimate in China?

As such, our first focus (post signing an NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement) is to gain a full understanding about what you hope to achieve and any specifics relating to the production of your products.


Market Assessment

We then conduct a Market Assessment to help determine your options. We offer insight into your specific market, and determine if we can find options that fit your brief. This phase will be desk based research.

During the Market Assessment period we work actively with you, and answer any questions that arise, and are happy to answer any queries linked to international business. To protect you we provide a comprehensive NDA on your behalf with any potential supplier we need to share information with, and we can conduct this phase without any partners knowing your identity as needed.

If we cannot support your objectives – we might think we are unsuitable to the specific market or lack suitable resource, we will decline to progress further – no costs, no obligation.


Factory Research

In the majority of cases, China’s vast production base will deliver multiple results, and the challenge changes from ‘can the objectives be achieved’ to which is the most suitable partner to work with – bringing us to Factory Research.

We will only move this phase by mutual consent, and this will include agreeing to our T&Cs (available on request), which allow us to share specifics on factories that we have located.

Working alongside you we assess the factory potentials, and we perform virtual audits. With our Shanghai team we assess the character and integrity of the ownership, management and workforce. There are many ‘shiny new factories’ in China, but having all the best technology is only one of many factors to consider when assessing a long term relationship.

We offer visiting audits to potential suppliers on your behalf with the objective of finding the perfect match for you.

To find out more about our services email or call 01225 460 388

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