Benefit from our team’s expertise in UK-China business partnerships when you narrow down your choices of potential manufacturing partners or suppliers. We provide accurate data and offer impartial assessments on the compatibility of your top selections. After you make your choice, we’ll arrange for you to go on a factory visit in China.

We’ll review the results from the initial research undertaken, to evaluate and refine your options for partnering with Chinese suppliers.

This process will likely involve travel to China

Assuming the identification of a future supplier from this visit, we will then support the process of drawing up general contracts and T&Cs, prior to formal discussion.

China offers a wealth of suppliers, making it all too easy to find several great factories which on paper, could fulfil your requirements. However, the trick to identifying the right match lies in understanding their working compatibility and matching this with your ongoing requirements.

We work closely with UK business customers to locate appropriate suppliers and evaluate options.

Identifying a manufacturing partner and visiting suppliers in China takes time

Some of our clients nominate us to act on their behalf during this critical stage; others prefer to be supported, using our experience to facilitate their visit – and our guidance to identify, evaluate and form the most appropriate Chinese supplier partnership.

Working with our well connected and knowledgable team, our customers enjoy significant competitor advantage, thanks to our insight and market connections in China.

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