Product Inspection & Quality Control is of the greatest concern to the majority of customers, and one that needs to be focused on not at the end of the project, but upfront and during the Partner Identification stage. Put simply, if you select a factory that is not already working at an equivalent quality level for other customers, you can expect problems.

We are not a manufacturer, and we make no claims that we will inspect every item, and over the last 25 years we have made relatively few inspections. The key to getting a conforming part is to ensure that you have chosen the right manufacturer in the first place, and part of that process includes the assessment of how they inspect existing parts for other clients, and how that will be applied to yours.

Many factories work more than 1 shift, and it is not possible to have eyes on inspection at every stage of production, but it is possible to ensure that a factory is clear about what is important to you as a customer – if you tell them – and this is where we will focus.

As part of an audit (whether virtual or onsite) we will have looked beyond ISO certificates, and looked at what it actually happening – are the workers provided with adequate tools and time to produce a product, and is each stage supported with practical Work Instruction? We will check (and translate) any documents that the factory will share relating to the manufacturing of your product. Some factories are reluctant to send out their manufacturing knowledge, but will generally allow us to have sight of documentation to satisfy ourselves that you are in goods hands.

Assuming that details have been agreed in advance, we will provide copies of all related quality documentation to your Quality Department with every shipment, and have been doing this several times per week for years.

We are constantly visiting factories on behalf of our clients, and use the opportunity to view any WIP, cement relationships, and discuss any ongoing issues. We can visit factories by specific request.