Armed with sufficient information to start developing your product. It is vital we are 100% clear about what you want and your expectations, and providing we are, we can communicate them to the factory.

In many cases upfront payments will be needed for tools, fixtures and gauges to be made – we will manage all the payments, and provide our customers with a full project plan. Where possible, we will provide additional input from the factory such as tool design for approval to check for any unexpected differences in opinion (such as split line position) on how to make a product.

Our experience tells us that the word ‘assumed’ means trouble – and it is vital that all parties study the detail provided and are proactive in their support for such a team effort. We will be in constant contact with both customers and factories, and with 3 offices on different continents, we can offer 24 hour support and updates. One vital part of our service is giving the manufacturer the ability to talk in their native tongue to our colleagues who can then raise any issues or concerns with us, and we can then ensure you are aware of them. This is crucial and often overlooked.

If required, we can do video calls during the process to allow direct discussion. Such discussion can often lead to misunderstanding, and it is crucial to agree on summary notes that are approved by all parties.

Whilst every project is different, we will focus on providing samples to scheduled dates, and offer full supporting documentation such as material analysis and dimensional report. Samples will be sent express or air freight to you to conduct your own assessment and provide feedback. We will manage any resampling and repeat as necessary.


The Advantages We Offer

The main purpose of our product design and development services is to ensure that our clients’ objectives are met. Our clients trust us to help them make strategic decisions, and we do our utmost to preserve their confidence in our company.


With our expertise and guidance, our clients enjoy the benefits of outsourcing:

✓ Obtain custom parts at an affordable price

✓ Keep manufacturing costs low

✓ Avoid bloating your labour and overhead costs

✓ Mass-produce products or components at minimal investment

✓ Obtain products or components that may be difficult to produce in the UK Receive products and components on time

✓ Assurance of confidentiality across all activities and research.