Oversee the progress in the development of your sample products with help from One Point Two (China) Limited. As your China outsourcing agent, we will monitor the implementation of your manufacturing agreement. Expect regular reports from our Shanghai office. We can also facilitate dialogues so you can touch base with your supplier.

T&Cs confirmed? Let the process begin!

Have a team on the ground in China overseeing new product development as you keep your business running in the UK. One Point Two (China) Limited will liaise on your behalf and ensure that your decision to outsource produces the results you look forward to getting. More importantly, we nurture a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your supplier or manufacturing partner.

Offload your team and reduce risks with our outsourced product development service.

We offer a systematic product development programme to keep our customers updated every step of the way.

Product Development is the stage when there can be significant financial commitment if tooling and fixtures are needed.

From this point, getting it wrong will be painful.

With our help, you can get outsourcing right from day one. One Point Two (China) Limited has you covered, from factory research to long-term relationship management.

Why British Businesses Choose Us

We offer a systematic product development programme that optimises the benefits of product development outsourcing and keeps our clients updated every step of the way.

By working with us, you can expect the following benefits from a new, strategic Chinese supplier partnership:

When a critical segment of your production is happening offshore, you’ll need professionals whom you can trust to oversee the entire production process. Our Shanghai team will send regular reports on your supplier’s or manufacturing partner’s progress.

Many customers can forget the importance of having the confidence to ask a question – and it’s vital they do. We are here to listen and ensure your exact expectations are understood. More than relaying your requests, however, we arrange for two-way meetings between you and your supplier from our offices in the UK and China.

Our work doesn’t end at your contract signing. In fact, the bulk of the work begins right after. From our office in Shanghai, One Point Two (China) Limited monitors all of our clients’ suppliers and outsourced manufacturing companies. Rather than fly to Asia and incur additional costs, you can trust us to visit your supplier’s factory, check on their progress and report back with actionable recommendations.

We back up our new product development progress updates with the Initial Sample Inspection Report or First Article Inspection Report. These summarise the dimensions of the actual parts produced. The results should confirm whether your supplier adhered to your technical specifications.

With our outsourced product development service, however, you don’t even have to wait for these reports to get reassurance. We keep a close watch on your supplier’s production and ensure they meet your standards for quality.

Our product development team in Shanghai also helps with the arrangements for sending prototypes and batches of finished products to the UK. We coordinate logistics with your Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, from their warehouses to your loading dock. Trust that we can get all items to your premises on time and in excellent condition.

Managing supplier relationships is woven into our product development service. As your outsourcing agent, we provide communication support, including translation service. More than that, however, we help clients better understand the working culture of the Chinese as well as their propensity to make time for entertaining business contacts and clients.

Establishing positive connections with Chinese suppliers also bleeds into the production side of the business. It reduces the possibility of miscommunication, which could drain the resources of everyone involved.

Our approach as outsourcing specialists is to support both customers and suppliers, ensuring there is steady progress towards an end goal. We use this method because we want our clients to forge strong business partnerships that could benefit their businesses for the long-term.

Many of our previous clients outsourced the production of stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and titanium prototypes and parts through our company. We’ve enabled the supply of many millions of parts and components for sectors including oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, safety critical and general engineering.

The Advantages We Offer

The main purpose of our product design and development services is to ensure that our clients’ objectives are met. Our clients trust us to help them make strategic decisions, and we do our utmost to preserve their confidence in our company.


With our expertise and guidance, our clients enjoy the benefits of outsourcing:

✓ Obtain custom parts at an affordable price

✓ Keep manufacturing costs low

✓ Avoid bloating your labour and overhead costs

✓ Mass-produce products or components at minimal investment

✓ Obtain products or components that may be difficult to produce in the UK Receive products and components on time

✓ Assurance of confidentiality across all activities and research.