Why is China so good at manufacturing?

As well as the lower labour costs, China has become known as “the world’s factory” because of its strong business ecosystem, low taxes and duties, lack of regulatory compliance, and competitive currency practices.

We are interested in buying from China, but are not sure where to start

You need a quick answer as to whether it will be viable to get your product developed in China –  not to worry – we’re happy to discuss your requirements confidentially and can provide a quick answer as to whether we can help you fulfill your ambitions. Moving forward from here we help you by […]

How do I import?

We take care of most of the process, and can advise on and provide you with contacts to complete the process. The majority of our customers buy on a CIF basis (Cost, Insurance & Freight – search Incoterms for more details), which means the price we quote includes delivery to the UK You are […]

How do we know where our parts are?

We operate an online tracking system via our website, allowing you to keep up to date with everything going on. Access is password protected. We can generally update you within 3 days of receiving an order as to when your goods will be completed, and from there we will control all the logistics for you, […]

There are many different options to buy from China, why should we use you?

Good question. But not a quick answer. First, we only deal with developing bespoke products to our customer design, and that often means spending money on tooling – if that is plastic injection or pressure die casting tools, your first ‘risk’ is sending money across to an unknown direct source and hoping you get the […]

How do we know we are going to get the quality we want?

This needs to form a key part of discussions from the start. We have to work together to find you a factory that has the knowledge, experience, inclination and equipment to deliver to the standards you need. There is no point reinventing the wheel, there will be a factory that can supply to the standard […]